How to Get 100 Ideas to Deal With Your Lotto System

In this article I will inform you about an excellent method of brainstorming, less known, I use once in a week, as a creative way to develop solutions for so many still unanswered lotto problems. Using this method, I have learned a lot and I can say that I got a million of new great ideas. I suspect I would not have made changes so rapidly in my thinking process without going through this procedure. It has greatly impacted my understanding about my own skills and interests. The exercise is quick, easy, wonderful and interesting. For these reasons, I strongly recommend you, try it. You can use this method, not only for lotto problems, but also for improving the effectiveness of your thinking system, decisions making and solving your daily problems. The method will improve your left and right brain functionality. In other words, it will help you to think with whole mind.

At the root of any lotto problem, you will always find a contradiction. This is the cause of the problem. In order to solve this problem, you need to eliminate the contradiction. Define your problem and write it in the top of a blank sheet of paper and come up with a list of one hundred answers. I needed 17 minutes to throw on paper, 100 new ideas. For example, my problem was how to identify the lotto winning numbers for the next draw. Then I wrote a title on the top of my paper: ” I want to find 100 ways to identify the lotto winning numbers for the next time” You know how it is, a bit of exaggeration contributes to the excitement and provokes your ambition to work. Then you create 100 options and finally you choose the best one or two

The essential element for this method to work is to make this exercise in one session without interruption, without distraction. Focus on getting the ideas out of your mind as quickly as possible. Do not judge any idea. Do not write a complete sentence if this slows your writing issue. Do not stop to wonder how many ideas you wrote already. The first 35 ideas are the easiest to come up. You will probably write the ideas you are familiar with. The next 35 ideas will be usually the hardest phase. You will repeat, you will have rotating themes and some patterns from old. psychological baggage of thoughts, but please, continue to write. It is exactly this struggle that facilitates your subconscious mind to start giving you unusual ideas in the last 30 sentences. You will chose from them just one or two ideas that give you a new and fresh perspective of your lotto system.

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