Get the Best Golf Packages

Golf packages can save you a lot of money on booking travel and play separately, and ensure you get a wonderful golfing vacation. You’ll need to book carefully, though, and use these tips to get the best value for your dollar.
Check the Web for Last-Minute Deals

If you can be flexible, check Web sites for last-minute travel deals on a golfing package. Many sites offer rates of 50% off, or more, for people who book golf package vacations at the last minute. Resorts offer these packages when they know they’ll have vacancies for an upcoming weekend.

Don’t assume that you’ll always be able to get a travel deal at the last minute. Some regions and areas are booked solid during peak seasons. Put together a list of courses you’d like to play, and compare prices between them.

Go During the Off Season
It may not be glamorous, but if you can manage to go during the off-season, you can get significantly better deals on golf packages. From prices to tee times, you can almost name your terms for off-season travel. Spring and fall tend to be prime golf travel times, so you’ll have more competition for lodgings and tee times. If you can handle Florida and Arizona during the summer, or southern states in winter, you’ll stand a better chance of getting a good value.

Be Flexible About Destination
If you have your heart set on playing a specific course at a specific time of year, you’re at the mercy of the market. Competition dictates the price of golf packages, and if you want to golf a course when everyone else is there, you’re virtually guaranteed to get stuck with tough tee times, expensive lodgings or a tiny, cramped room that no one else wanted. On the other hand, if you’re willing to be flexible about destination, you can look around until you find a package vacation that really appeals to you. Look off the beaten path, and you could get deluxe accommodations for the same rate that you’d pay for a standard room at a popular resort.

Track Down Insider Information
Golf enthusiasts are always looking for the best deals. Many Web sites cater to golf enthusiasts who want to know when deals are released or when courses have special events. Sign up for newsletters or visit these sites frequently, and you could find yourself hearing about great golf packages that you wouldn’t have discovered elsewhere.

Just like websites, golf magazines sometimes cater to the golfer who wants to get the best deal on a golf travel vacation. Go to a local bookstore and flip through the golf magazines on the racks. If you find one that has advertisements from golf resorts or helpful insider information about getting the best tee times at a particular course, grab it and consider getting a subscription. The cost of a subscription can more than pay for itself if you find out about great golf packages. Magazines can also expose you to courses and resorts you may not be aware of, and some of these provide excellent value.

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